What you’re looking for is a victim of child sex trafficking.

There’s a lot of information to piece together in an investigation and you need it to be quick and accurate. It needs to be organized and displayed to you intelligently so your time isn’t spent searching for needles in a haystack. Among the millions of data points available to you, what you’re looking for is a person. A child. But where do you start?


Meeting you where your investigation starts.

From who they are to where they’ve been, Spotlight helps investigators visualize the complexity of a juvenile’s trafficking situation.

Spotlight LE pathway

The Features

With Spotlight, investigators can:

Gather insights

from millions of data points to identify and locate those most at risk.

Reallocate time

spent investigating to recovering victims.

Reduce risk

of following misleading information.


easy-to-use features developed from direct law enforcement feedback to align with your investigation process.

The value of Spotlight can not be measured because it has become the number one tool used during my investigation of Human Trafficking. It has helped identify previously unknown victims that would have otherwise gone unidentified.

— Sgt. Brown, Hind’s County Sheriff’s Office in Jackson, MS

Latest Impact

Our community is growing. Since launching, our users have shared that Spotlight has been used to:

Spotlight is used by over




Reduce investigation time by



For Daily Users*

*The time savings statistics are based on self-reported data from law enforcement agents who use Thorn’s technology. These figures are subjective estimates and may vary across different cases and jurisdictions.

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